In-person Visits and Phone Consultations from a Business Attorney/CPA. One Flat Monthly Fee. Your Best Business Move Yet.

Local Professional for Local Businesses

Tax and Accounting Problems

When you need to know how to handle an important issue and can't want wait weeks for a costly appointment only to be asked to spend more money.

Regulations, Legal Issues & Liability

Finding the right answer fast doesn't mean you have to rely on a search engine to make good business decisions or understand complex problems.

Employer/Employee Laws & HR

One of the biggest sources of problems and high costs for a smaller business that attempts to navigate this area without help. Finally, there is help!

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*BizHelpFast Professional Consulting Service Space is Limited.

*Your business will be consulting with a licensed Attorney and CPA. This unique service allows for the development of a working relationship with a top-notch business professional much like a long-term patient with a physician who understands their individual needs. Because this service is tailored to the specific business requirements of each business partner and offers a high service level, space is limited. 

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